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We love our 2008 Ford E-350 extended wagon. It’s big, but just small enough and the way we’ve set up the inside allows for a lot of flexibility.

In its “normal” Camper configuration it is a camper van that seats 5 and sleeps two adults and two small(er) children. Our camper configuration encourages us to spend time outside in nature as opposed to many modern RVs which are very inward focused.


Then there is the Errand configuration which allows us to haul some large items, like the pro aerator in the video. It only takes a few minutes to transition from camper to Errand mode which makes it really convenient. I attached this video to showcase how versatile our van setup is and how it makes our van a truck-alternative rather than a dedicated camper or RV. If I am not also transporting more than one person all the bedding can be quickly stored on the bench seat without compromising the cargo space.

If real hauling is needed, all of the “camper” components can be removed in under 10 minutes to achieve Haul mode. This mode opens up over eight feet of unencumbered cargo area. I suppose the bench seat could also be removed without too much fuss to unlock Haul+ mode. The drawbacks to removing the bench seat are that it is heavy and two brackets will remain on the floor meaning the roughly 11 feet of cargo area is not totally unencumbered.

A variation of Haul mode is Track Day Mode, which is Haul mode with the addition of the hanging single bed over the bench seat. The same bed could also be added to Haul+ mode but since the seat is so heavy I’m reluctant to move it unless absolutely necessary. The motorcycle can be secured to the seat brackets. I have yet to haul my motorcycle in our van so I haven’t perfected Track Day Mode yet, but it will be awesome when I do.

Our AdventureVan can flex among Camper, Errand, Haul, and Track Day Mode fairly easily and if we really need it we can exercise Haul+ Mode as well.


It feels a bit silly to enjoy a big white whale of a vehicle so much, but the whole family loves our AdventureVan.

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