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It was a long, cold winter. It was only seven days after we closed on a new house and moved our belongings into the new garage when we left snow-covered New England and embarked on our most ambitious road trip to date.

We were blessed to not hit much traffic as we drove out of Massachusetts, through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and even New York and New Jersey. We were able to make it to our intended destination of the Cabela’s outside of Richmond, Virginia.


We arrived late and left early, as per usual. We would stop every few hours, often at a Panera for a break and a salad. We needed to get to Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah is an interesting place that is relatively impoverished and focuses on pre-war history and night-life. We got there too late for the bus tours and could only partially partake in the night-life with our two young girls with us. The Savannah Visitor’s Information Center allows RVs, and similar, to sleep for a measly $8 right in downtown Savannah. It was great and we took advantage of it on both legs of our journey.

The next day we awoke to our toilet accidentally getting knocked over and spilling its contents onto our carpet. After using nearly a whole roll of white-gold, also known as paper towels, we drove to a Lowe’s outside of Jacksonville, Florida and rented a carpet cleaner vacuum.


This is when we learned what our little Goal Zero Yeti 400 can do or, more accurately, can’t do. I thought I was so clever since I brought our electric kettle, which I really like, and thought I could quickly and easily heat up the water for the carpet cleaner. This is when I discovered the inverter on the Yeti 400 was not capable of producing the required current.

Being a resourceful person, I opened the rear doors, pulled out the chuck box and burner to heat up the water the old-fashioned way.


Once the water was warm, I readied the vacuum and upon plugging it into the Yeti discovered that it too draws too much current for the little 400. At this point I embarked on a stressful wandering drive around the large parking lot looking for an outlet before the water cooled. After finding a broken outlet I eventually gave up on being discrete and pulled up in front of some outlet store and ran my extension across the sidewalk to the wall.

That night we were able to book a night at the Orlando KOA where we enjoyed the pool, showers, and a laptop movie night.


The next two weeks were spent in the magic of Disney World and the warmth of Fort Lauderdale.


On the way back, we settled in and resigned ourselves to slogging through the states. The AdventureVan ran superbly. We stopped the first night in Savannah again. Then, after having dinner in Washinton D.C. we opted to drive past the Cabela’s in Delaware and go an extra two hours to meet up with old friends.

We were glad we did because we had a great breakfast with them the next day after sleeping in their driveway and before finishing the final segment of our journey home.


It was a magical, and hectic, trip and we can’t wait to go again.

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