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For years, I’ve been using what I consider to be the best EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knife there is on the market. It is not “tacticool” nor is it perfect, therefore you may file this under the “boring but important” category. It is, however, the most useful, most used, and most practical part of my EDC aside from my iPhone.

The knife is the Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler.

They call it the “Rambler”

“It’s so small”, you say. It is small, but it punches way above it’s weight class. Victorinox will tell you that it has 10 functions and while that is true I really only use the four primary tools. 1) knife: mostly for opening Amazon boxes and cutting up fruit at the office. 2) phillips screwdriver: I use this all the time for opening battery compartments (I have kids and kids have toys) or tightening my glasses. 3) scissors: mostly for cutting threads from clothes and the occasional nail clip 4) flathead screwdriver/pry bar: this is the perfect size for removing household outlet covers or adjusting the carburetor on my beloved Honda Z50R. It’s also handy when needing to pry a kid’s toy apart after you changed the batteries the toy still doesn’t work.

I love this 1984 Honda Z50R

It also has a bottle opener, but since I don’t drink this isn’t super useful, a toothpick, tweezers, nail file, key ring, and wire stripper. I have used every one except the wire stripper.

My well used Swiss Army Rambler

This is where you say, “If it’s so awesome, why do you need my help?”. Well, I have owned four Ramblers. I lost one. American Airport Security took one. Australian Airport Security took one. And each time I’ve replaced it because even though I have two Spyderco knives and have tried others, including Leatherman, I have found the better one that I want.

I want a knife that has the four main functions that I mentioned before but with a locking blade. It doesn’t have to be single-hand operation, though that would be nice. It doesn’t have to be bigger, though that would be nice to have on everything but the phillips screwdriver. Don’t touch my screwdriver!

The Rambler’s phillips screwdriver works better than most for smaller screws like those on glasses and battery compartments

The screwdriver is what sets this apart and really makes it the best EDC pocket knife for those who don’t need to chop up kindling or fend of bears with the same knife they commute into work with.


This is my plea to you to help me find a better pocket knife. If there isn’t one, then we shall launch a campaign to beg Victorinox to make a larger Rambler, maybe call it the “Wanderer”.

The perfect tool for taking apart small toys to see how they work

If you are in the market for a small pocket knife, this is the one. It’s so much better, more usable and practical, than any other I know of. Keep it sharp and it will serve you well.

Please guide me to a better alternative or help me convince a knife manufacturer to make one with a locking (and maybe a bit longer) blade.


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